Techno from the Pacific NW Underground

Kyle Geiger – Live @ Knightriders Sep 12th 2009

Kyle Geiger – 2009 Promo Mix
Everything from Minimal to Bangin – Kyle spread it on thick with his own unique touch. IMO, exceeding expectations as he gave the dance floor a lessen on what form Techno will take shape in the near future. Speaking of techno forms – “Uncommon Forms” built a sold foundation for the night by providing a heady groove of creepy, prowling techno right up till midnight when is was time to swell the signature From 0-1 sound, hyping the dance floor for the next half hour in order to hand over the reins to Mr. Geiger himself.

To all the kids that come out late to the techno shows:
You missed the Fuck out.
Grindle dropped a set of hot techno tracks, most of which have not yet even been released. Dude gets to pick selections directly from what the artists sends him. Great set of brand new music you probably wont hear again until you catch him at DbFest
weekend at the Triple Door:)
Kyle Geiger asked me, while he was in town, how we thought the night would go. I had to think about a ton of factors to give him an honest answer.  I said “it all depends on whether or not Seattle is feeling like a night of Bangin techno” Im happy to say Seattle was without a doubt feeling the techno vibe come Saturday night.

So many good shows, events and parties roll through town and its sometimes hard to gauge how many people will make it out on any giving night. Especially on a weekend night where you can find great Dubstep / glitch at one party, killer house on the hill or a Bangin techno show downtown.

It really makes me happy that we have a city that can offer up so much great music.  And it excites me to know that there is such a great techno community here in the NW and that we can bring out relatively unknown techno producers that have proven
themselves in other parts of the world for the opportunity to prove themselves in the Pacific NW as well.

I’m really proud of Seattle right now – Proud of all the heads that come out and support the NW techno community.
Thanks for showing the out of town guest DJs how we roll by coming out to the show, and inviting our new friends in to our homes
and our lives so that they can say “Seattle was Great place to play!”
Kyle had a great time, thanks goes out to everyone that showed that
Seattle Techno Love!

Up Next:
Nov 14th – Rebar


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