Swayzak, Tim Baker and Sevron at Smartbar, Chicago

Well, I found myself back in Chicago last weekend so I jumped at the chance to catch Swayzak Live at the SmartBar.   House/Techno producer Tim Baker was on the line up along with Sevron.  I got to the sub-level club in time to catch the end of Sev’s house and techno infused opening set.  Tim Baker made his was fast into a bass laden electro techno dance floor fervor while Sev and I grabbed a beer at the bar.  We talked for a bit about Chicago booty house, underground techno and a Sev’s new label “No Affiliation“.  At some point I suddenly (and rudely) walked off to the dance floor.   Baker was up on deck and dropping heat, I was ready to dance!

It was nice to let loose a bit in Chicago and Baker’s set was a fantastic surprise (I think we need to bring him out to Seattle pronto) but the real treat was meeting “David “Brun” Brown and  James “Darkfarmer” Taylor” of Swayzak.   I had a chance to check out their live set up and talk about how they approach each set.  Turns out each and every live set is off the cuff, “never rehearsed and 100% improvised”.  Both labtops run Ableton live and are connected and sequenced together.  Using minimal controllers, James joked about his tiny 5 year old slider unit saying, ” you can bang it around, spill beer on it and still get through a set”.

Swayzak is one of worlds most gifted (imo) and longest producing electronic duos.  They give the audience a fantastic live performance ranging from house to techno to dub and back to deep throbbing techno again.  Seattle, look forward to an intimate eventing with Swayzak soon!




HEADS UP! In Chicago on NYE?  Hit up Dan Bell at “No Affiliation‘s” NYE Ball.  http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?210462 Really sick line up, wish I could make it!


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