AUDION (Mathew Dear) “The Hecatomb Tour” Live @ the Triple Door, Monday Nov 16th



Knightrider’s and The Triple Door Presents : Audion Hecatomb Tour

@ The Triple Door 16 November 2009


A note from James Grindle:

To Will, Scott, Leif, Paul & Craig + staff at the Triple Door. This show would not have sounded or looked as good without you and was as close to perfection as I can imagine.  It wasn’t easy and not everything went as planned but their professionalism helped me produce the most awe inspiring Seattle sound experience that I have had in my two years here. For the record only the Harold Budd & Robin Guthrie show from Decibel 07 can compare and that was a entirely different sonic beast.

Jeremy aka Looptid for the projectors and screens (which he built by hand).  We actually had another projector and three more screens but Matt and Rainer wanted a more streamlined and clean visual approach for the theater.  Travis for busting my chops to go out, get this event and make it happen.  Kristina Childs whose XONE 94 was the saving element as it allowed Matt to sync the visuals and audio. Rachael Mamane for helping get Matt back to the airport on time and posing some thought provoking questions on the ride. All the DJ’s involved; Chris, Johnny, Leif, Skyler, Ilya and Travis. Each played sublime sets in the lounge to continue to elevate the mood perfectly.

Dave Pezzner, wow what to say. I don’t know his material the way I know Matt’s but I didn’t recognize anything and it was as beautiful as any tech house P.A. I have ever heard.  Kompakt and Perlon should be sending him a deal ASAP. His performance had a theatrical soundtrack element to it which was highlighted by the subdued lighting and back drop we provided.

It seemed to me that Dave and Matt tailored the evening’s sets for this space.  Matt was actually working in Reason during sound check creating sounds for the space.  I only recognized five samples from his new material which tells me we got a totally unique experience in Seattle. Matt’s technical assistant Rainer Kohlberger said this was his favorite show of the tour. Rainer works with the artist (Eno Henze) that created the program and visuals for this tour. Eno created the visuals based around Will Calcutt’s op art Audion album covers. Rainer sets up the dimensions to maximize the space and screens for
every venue while Matt puts together the sound pallette for the space involved. During the show Matt uses an Akai MPD-24 to control and edit his loops as well as create new sequences from Live on one Mac and on the other computer with Eno’s software he changes size and color of fractals and
distributes them to different locations.

Last time Matthew and I spent some personal time together our conversations focused primarily on “shoegaze” bands and the frequencies
that come between the spaces in their wall of sound. He was still pretty jazzed then from witnessing My Bloody Valentine and it’s apparent to me
he wants Audion to move into that sonic noise territory. I had heard a rumor that after the next single is released in December that Spectral plans to release a full length Audion album of all new material. Matt informed me that what he really wants to do is start playing and writing with his band but that if he does it will be a sonic frequency type affair.

I think everyone danced that wanted to dance. At one point I wasn’t sure why so many people were in their seats but after polling a few people in
the audience they told me their seats felt like sub woofers and they didn’t want to leave them. I’m not sold that the VIP dance idea was a great idea but it kept the space manageable.  The Triple Door does create it’s own vibe as I was the only one to hoot
and holler for Dave’s set.  Thank goodness the tension was broken during Audion’s p.a. and screams
and dancing kept getting more robust as his set progressed through the evening. I take the blame for the non-seamless transition, when Matt arrived he
said he was so mentally involved with this show he couldn’t possibly do anymore than 90 minutes. We decided to push the show back by thirty minutes but I failed to get that message out to everyone involved.  This was easily the most intricate and hands on single event that I have been involved in. I believe I was in negotiations and or received assistance from about 22 people in order to make this night the success it was.

My personal observation on attendance is why were so many people from Vancouver and I recognized none from Portland? Why did this show draw  all the second and third wave Seattle electronic fans and none of the old guard.  Matthew has been creating music for Ghostly for ten years so his level
of exposure should be wide enough to reach more than just the fan base that has located here in Seattle over the past two years. It just seemed
weird to me that Travis would be the most old school electronic music head in attendance (barring possibly Dave Segal but he is a transplant
as well).

The icing on the cake for me was having Matt come out 40 minutes after the show to DJ in the Musicquarium and that he and Rainer both expressed
that the seafood and oysters were the best / most fresh that either had ever consumed.

As for Dave Segal’s review: “Dear produces techno that’s jacked up on amyl nitrite and Viagra and imbued with the springiness of Olympic high
jumpers’ quadriceps” if you  substitute high jumper quads with cyclists’ than luckily for everyone who came I was the only person who fit this

Thanks for reading,


Monday, November 16th 2009
Knightriders are proud to present:

AUDION – LIVE (Ghostly / M_nus / Get Physical )

PEZZNER – LIVE (Om Records/Freerange)

With DJ support all night in the

Musicaquarium by :

Travis Baron / Grindle / Skyler / Snap Ctrl_Alt_Dlt / Jonny Romero


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We are all extremely excited here at
Knightriders to Announce a very special event:
Audion’s “Hecatomb Tour” is coming to Seattle!
On Monday November 16th at the Triple Door prepare yourselves for
complete sensory overload. Mathew Dear has just taken Europe by storm and is just now embarking
on his American Tour dates. Check out the “Hecatomb Tour” website

Watch the video from FABRIC LONDON

Hecatomb Tour

In ancient Greek, “Hecatomb” is the word for “large-scale sacrifice or slaughter”; in Audion’s universe, it’s a live audio/visual experience like no other. Hecatomb is a dazzling and gorgeous assault of light that spins and twists into the ether. Musically, it’s the new live Audion–a relentless percussive onslaught that will leave you breathless. A whirlwind of light and sound, Hecatomb was created by longtime Audion art director Will Calcutt and renowned artist Eno Henze.

We are all extremely excited here at
Knightriders to Announce a very special event:
Audion’s “Hecatomb Tour” is coming to Seattle!
On Monday November 16th at the Triple Door prepare yourselves for
complete sensory overload.
Mathew Dear has just taken Europe by storm and is just now embarking
on his American Tour dates. Check out the “Hecatomb Tour” website

AUDION (Mathew Dear) Live w/ Full Visual Show
Ghostly / M_nus / Get Physical /
Matthew Dear aka Audion (Spectral), False (Minus) and Jabberjaw (Perlon),
is an electronic music innovator, a globally recognized DJ talent and
a founder of the acclaimed Spectral Sound label.
Matthew’s dark alter ego Audion first stormed the electronic-music
scene in 2004, unveiling a trilogy of pulverizing singles that would
ultimately re-align today’s techno sound. In 2006, Audion followed the
series with the breakthrough club anthem “Mouth To Mouth,” a
constantly ascending work of art that has captured the imagination of DJs and fans in all club
genres worldwide.
Now it’s 2009, and Audion is re-emerging with a new plan to take his
project to new heights, including a load of new boundary-pushing
material and a hypnotic, highly detailed live show. Pushing the
boundaries of techno, Audion’s cutting-edge sound is a crowd-pleaser.By fusing man and machine into an indistinguishable unit, Audion controls his audiences’ collective consciousness in new,
never-before-seen ways. At the center of the show is a custom video
setup employing the talents of Audion art director/cover designer Will
Calcutt and artist Eno Henze, who has created psychedelic visuals at
Frankfurt’s Cocoon club and gallery exhibitions worldwide.

Audion’s live show will debut in summer 2009 at select technologically
advanced festivals and clubs. These events are powerful experiments in
chaos and hypnotic depth, tearing down the walls of the live
electronic-music experience.

With DJ support all night in the Musicaquarium by :

Pezzner / Travis Baron / Grindle
Skyler / Snap /
Ctrl_Alt_Dlt / Jonny Romero

Triple Door
216 Union Street

Seattle, WA 98101

Tickets 206.838.4333 Web:

Hecatomb in Berlin from Audion

$15 ($18 dos) General Admission tix on sale now:
Box Office, PH: 206-838-4333
In addition, a very limited number of spots will be sold to the front
dance pit, right off the stage, and if you have ever been here, you
know that will put you closer to the action than you could possibly
imagine.  This ticket will include a ghostly prize package.  All seats
and tables will be removed from this area.  Since the room is angled,
no one will be blocking anyone’s view…all will have equal access for
once. VIP tix NOT available on line – Box Office r  by PH:
206-838-4333 only. Get yours today!


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