J4CK17* is coming to Seattle Nov 14th for it’s first installment at The ReBar

Knightriders and The Culture Dispatch are proud to present:

Hi Octane –
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Trench –
Subject Detroit
M’Chateau –
Fourthcity, Knightriders
J4CK17 – Nov 14th 2009
Additional sound reinforcements will be provided throughout the
Weekend at ReBar to highlight both the Bonkers night and Jack It
Performances…We hope to see you at both events.
More information and mixes can be found here:
The “Jack it” parties are a series of Detroit-based events dedicated
to combining various genres of music to ignite the dance-floor. This
series was influenced by the early days of underground music in
Detroit, where you would hear: Chicago House, Detroit House (Techno),
Industrial, Hip-hop, 80’s Rock, Disco, Electro, etc., not as separate
sets, but combined together in the mix. People played whatever they
were feeling. The only rule being it had to be bumping and get people
moving on the floor. This type of fusion inspired creativity and
originality in Detroit artists and groomed them to become some of the
best DJs in the world.In an effort to continue this tradition of excellence and inspire
energy and excitement in the scene, Trench and Aaron-Carl created a
mobile production designed to motivate multiple venues. “Jack it” was
a term taken from the early warehouse parties of Chicago essentially
meaning “Dance”. Detroit’s sister city was a huge influence on early
Detroit dance-floors and as a tribute, they adopted the call-sign
which serves as both project name and description of the project vibe.
Past “J4CK17″ headliners from the Detroit events: Trench, Aaron-Carl,
Gary Martin, Mike Huckaby, Bileebob, Ultradyne, Jay Langa – The Green
DJ Surgeon and many more!

Doors: 10pm
Cost: Only $8

Join the KR Group!
KR at RA
Just a heads up, Mitch has some business to take care of in NYC
so it looks like we will have a special treat for all of you Nov 14th at ReBar! KR:DJs newest resident GON3R will be on hand to close out the night with some seriously JACKIN tunes! Don’t miss a beat folks, this is going to be a crazy night of Bass as we are bringing in a ton of extra sound for JACKIT and BONKERS the night before! IT’s going to be a huge weekend at Rebar next week. See you all there!!!

Tech House / Techno

GON3R a native of Seattle started mixing in 1996 playing rave parties, clubs all over the northwest. He had his first residency in 1997 at Power Plant night club where he played breaks and hip hop every Friday and Saturday night for almost a year. In 1998 GON3R started up his own production company called Healthe Productions, along with throwing events GON3R also djed along with some of the top break beat dj’s, producers of the 90’s. GON3R switched from breaks to Chicago hard house and became one of the first and only Chicago hard house dj’s in the northwest, bangin up dance floors at almost every rave event until he moved to Atlanta in 99 to further his dj career. Once in Atlanta he found out that he was the only Chicago hard house dj there so he started getting bookings all over the south with his hard house/Juke sound. GON3R now resides back in seattle and is playing Minimal Techno/Tech House. In the 13 years of mixing GON3R has played all over the U.S. from Seattle, Memphis, St.Paul, Atlanta, Portland, San Diego, Sacramento, Vancouver and Victoria BC .

LIVE Dj Set @ Contour After Hours: Download



Subject Detroit / Knightriders

Tech House / Techno
Japan Promo Mix: Download MIX

With his soul deeply rooted far beneath the mainstream, Trench brings more than a style to the decks — he brings personality.
As a regular attendee of many now legendary hotspots, this Motor City native experienced the birth of Detroit’s audio subculture firsthand. Inspired by early fusion of House, Techno and Industrial, mixing records became his passion and he has been dedicated to this urban art form for over two decades.

Now a veteran on the decks, his experimental nature continues to set him apart. Trench is an intense performer and his style incredibly diverse. By blending multiple genres, unexpected arrangements are delivered with originality and power.
Recently, Trench has also embraced music production. With several records under his belt, his love for this craft continues to grow and several titles are poised for vinyl release.

For the last six years, Trench has been a family member of the independent record label Subject Detroit where he serves as visual liaison. While contributing to the growth of this unique company, he has worked diligently to create impact and preserve true underground culture.
In addition, Trench also provides design services for industry peers. An extensive list of performers and labels have welcomed his abilities as a graphics professional.

Projects have included works for Aaron-Carl, Mike Huckaby, Terrence Parker, Juan Atkins, Buzz Goree, Surgeon, Brian Gillespie, DEQ, NDR, Beretta Music, Mixworks, Throw Records, Visillusion, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Lumina, Pure Plastic and Wallshaker.
Trench currently resides in Detroit and Seattle. Domestic and international bookings are maintained by REAL Booking Artist Management at www.bookrealdjs.com

Hi Octane

Hi Octane (Ilya Makedon)

Tech House / Techno

Magnify Mix: Download MIX

Chapter 1

Hi Octane first realized that his destiny was to save the world from the imposing forces of Lame when he was growing in in uber-Lame communist Soviet Union. As a kid he turned his friends tastes from propaganda pop music to Kraftwerk and Front 242 that he got from black market. By the time he moved to Washington, DC he had a strong sense of music’s power to turn stuff from Lame to Awesome and realized his talent to pick out just the right track to accomplish that. He used the time spent in DC to travel to other cities and to learn from the best. He watched, analyzed, interviewed and got to know some of the most notorious fighters for Awesome preparing himself to join them side-by-side in the relentless war against Lame. Concurrently as a student earning his computer science degree he continued using his selector talent, now joined by mixer and turntable mastery to turn Lame frat houses and ghetto-ass DC warehouses into Awesome houses of PLUR full of dancing ravers…

Chapters 2

Once upon the time Hi Octane had to go back to Russia for family matters. Knowing that people there can use more Awesome he packed his record bag with ammunition: most minimal bouncy glitchy sexy techno and electro. Upon arriving to SPb it didn’t take long to become the household name among the nocturnal Awesome enthusiasts. From sports arenas to most underground of bomb shelter parties he deal heavy blows to Lame forces making even the snottiest and drunkest vigorously shake their booties and make out. Soon even promoters from neighboring countries came to Hi Octane with hope in their eyes, hope that he would use his undefeatable style to end their suffering from Lame. Which, of course, he gladly did.

Chapter 3

Upon returning to America, Hi Octane found himself in Denver where he began to take his martial skills to the next level. As a dj his programming and mixing mastery was now enhanced by digital technology. He lashed out at Lame with increasingly diverse music selection and mixing unpredictable and twacked out. At this point he joined forces with Jessa Young, another Awesome warrior forming the unstoppable duo called Prismalodic. Influenced by Jessa’s classical training, Hi Octane took a break from djing and began to actively learn to produce music and play piano. A few year’s later Prismalodic’s first album Labyrinth had dealt a relentless blow to forces of Lame, forever tilting the balance of power to Awesome. Having explored in depth the basics martial technics of rhythm, melody and harmony Hi Octane is making a glamorous return as a dj on a brand new battlefield for Awesome: Seattle.

Chapter 4

Coming soon to soundsystem near you: Hi Octane gets Knightrided and liberates Seattle from Lame. Prismalodic starts making dance music even more Awesome.

Авантюрист, подстрекатель, искатель приключений и любитель хорошо гульнуть. В тоже время умеющий стать серьёзным когда надо сосредоточится на деле. Обычно дружелюбен и открыт к общению с самими разными людьми, хотя часто слишком занят что-бы быть очень общительным. Самоуверен до наглости. Циничен и вообще тяжелый человек. Разговаривая со мной люди рискут быть вовлечёнными в стимулирующую беседу, чувствовать водохновлёнными их новыми возможностями и оказаться предметом приколов.


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