Knight Riders II @ CHAC Feb 23 07


In her ten years behind the decks, NAHA has crafted her mixing style and

technique which is as diverse as the genres she spins, including techno,

breakbeats, digital hardcore, hip-hop, and jungle. She has found an

amalgamation of these sounds in her specialty, breakcore. She has played

all across the U.S., including Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Oklahoma, Florida, New York, New Mexico, Arizona, Washington D.C., and

multiple cities in Canada. In Seattle she has held dozens of residencies, hosted on air and online radio shows and performed with bands Exorcismo and Black Pill Book. Her 3 hour weekly internet radio broadcast on ran every week from December 1998 through 2003.

Starting out playing primarily at warehouse venues, her production companies Truskool and System 6 threw numerous parties from 1997-2003, bringing headliners such as Frankie Bones, Ritchie Hawtin, DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, Robert Armani, Diesel Boy, DJ Dara, AK 1200, Omar Santana, Steve Loria, R.A.W., Tim and Misjah, Supa DJ Dmitri, Adam X, Demigod, DJ Fury, Kenny Ken and MC Fearless, Mistress Barbara, the Toxic Twins, DJ Hardware, Richard Humpty Vission, Disco D, DJ Fixx, DJ Rap and Ron D Core. Although NAHA was well known for playing undergrouhd parties she began getting booked at many more nightclubs and soon began throwing her own weekly club nights including “Breakthru” at The Back Door Ultra Lounge, “Bump” at the Last Supper Club, and “Merciless” at Noc Noc, where she brought Incredible Melting Man and Dan Doormouse. She also did a yearlong weekly residency at the Bad Juju Lounge playing punk and metal… allowing her to display yet another side of her musicality. NAHA was named “Best Seattle Club DJ of 2000” by the editors of

In 2000 she released her first mix tape “Some Like it Hard”, a mix of hardcore, hip-hop and hard techno.

In 2001 she released her first hardcore mix CD “Bring it to the Table”.

Also in 2001 NAHA made her production debut with a track on

SubPop’s compilation album: “Is It Dead? a study in Northwest Hardcore”.

She later wrote a song for the soundtrack of the independent film “Gak” by David Jones.

In 2002 she did a 10 city tour releasing her breakbeat mix CD “The Art of Fighting Without Fighting”.

In 2003 System 6 merged with 360 BPM and with the help of Marcus Lalario and Brian Rauschenbach (owners of The War Room) started an artist collaborative called Graylife, which combines art, music, and fashion shows into their events.
Her latest accomplishment is making the #33 spot on the international list of Top 100 Female DJs (

NAHA’s goal is to inspire a new generation of djs and dancers, and pass along the gift that was given to her by the djs who inspired her such as Donald Glaude and Charlotte the Baroness. Always endeavoring to present something unexpected and play tracks that are new to the audience has set her apart, constantly re-creating her own unique style.

Anton Bomb!

For years Anton Bomb has made army wear glam and the music accessible.
As the Shameless resident MC/Electro Kat
prowling the dance floor, he’s perfected
what it means to have just the ‘right amount of freak’.

Live set byJustin Byrnes

Justin Byrnes has been building his reputation as a live laptop artist. After his first time competing in the Seattle Laptop Battle in 2005 and making it to the final four, Justin has begun putting his name on the map as a live performer. He has since gone on to play live sets at various Northwest events, such as at Decibel Festival 2005, opening for Pan/tone at Oscillate, a weekly experimental electronic music showcase, as well as opening for the legendary Freaky Chakra. Justin Byrnes is also the first to execute a live set at Krakt, a Seattle monthly techno bash at Re-Bar, breaking the barrier between the laptop and the dance floor.

Travis Baron



February 23rd

At the CHAC Lower Level!

no cover!


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