Knight Riders III the Final Episode! March 23rd 07

stay tuned for further developments

Knight Riders 3 Final Episode

March 23rd @ THE V.I.P ROOM

Service Systems


a special Knight Riders event

showcasing electro tek punk disco, with

Samuel Kirkland aka Freakdat- NYC

Famous Players
Awwwwwwww Shit! Samuel Kirkland, half of the DJ partnership Famous Players, will be back in Seattle with bombs for your mom, and a +2 broad sword for the infidels. Playin’ rave tracks to make you Jack, and ghettotech so you can break yo’ neck!
With enough junk in the trunk to bring the boom to the room, Samuel is gonna’ blow the doors off any club, rave, or bedroom this side of the Golan Heights.
This robo.resident from back in the day is now rockin’ the right coast G-Point style with other players such as; Kill Memory Crash, Matthew Dear, John Selway, Daniel Wang, Kaos, Kero, Cow Boy Mark, DJ Unknown, and the Dirty Down Boys.
Expect to hear exclusive megamixes especially for this Seattle tour stop.
Expect to see the best dressed DJ in the world.
And watch out for the Ghetto Invasion, coming from Seattle to Queens!
Molotov! Dradel!


Ryan Trudell ,Adam Swan, and Tyler Swan of fourthCity legends
Foscil. in this guise, they are pull out their Gameboys and Midi
patching them together with real time use of vintage gear like TB303s, Roland
beat boxes and analogue synths to create a fun stew of electro and
melodicaly squelchy tones and dance rythms.

YouTube – TRUCKASAURAS – LoFi Seattle – New Years Eve 2006

Brandon Plank

Depth Recordings, Nightlight Music, Klubstompers

Coming up up in Chicago its no surprise this mans got the beat. Paying his dues from the Midwest to Denver to California and now Seattle, Brandon Plank resonates Techno. Minimal to Hard and everywhere in between, this man represents it. True techno. Cofounder of Depth Recordings, Plank continues his work by bringing his own flavor to the table.Brandon’s DJ mixes have been hosted on radio sites and stations across the world, from Comfort Sessions in San Francisco, Heavy Industries’ in Los Angeles, all the way to in Germany. Brandon has also been showcased
on several radio stations in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany, along with Club Basement Radio show on 105.9 FM in Denmark. Currently, Brandon is working on releases for Depth and other labels like NightLight Music, Digilog and Equaliteq, but you can catch him at one-offs and clubs across the country.

Travis Baron Vs. Kadeejah Streets

K.I.T.T. ……… Vs. … … K.A.R.R.

Nearly any Knight Rider fan will include this episode as one of their all-time favorites. It has great scenes of the twin cars chasing and turbo-boosting over eachother, culminating in a sudden-death showdown as KITT and KARR race towards each other facing a head-on collision. This is Knight Rider at its most exciting.

Scratchmaster Joe megamix set

Scratchmaster Joe – Seattle’s biggest douchebag and the not-so-better half
of the Famous Players and Battle of the Mega Mixes is back and more
offensive than ever. Come witness the blasphemy that is the Scratchmaster
as he shocks and offends all y’all bitches!


Is An Icon! To Say The Least !Is Fashion!
In The Flesh! Und I Should Know!
The One!
You Hate Not Knowing! Is Musick!

The Micro-Rave Promoter!
From Hamberg!
Bvencenth Dubic! In The Soul! Und Love! Und Hate!
In The Heart! What A Beautiful!
Look Out! Fv@%ckerzs! We Come Now!
For All OF You!
Where In Hamberg You Say?
Hamberg Street You Asshole!


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