Knight Riders Return Jan 25th 2008 -Microrave Masave


//////////COPY – LIVE//////////

Portland OR.

COPY – Hair Guitar CD/LP
Brand new bangers from Portland’s own keytar weilding elecro-house pop craftmaster.
Begs for attentive headphone listens while providing crazed, all-night dance floor freak outs–simulataneously.


“Like Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom teaming up with Timbaland, Copy creates soundscapes that could find a home at a new-age gathering as well as the club. It’s 8-bit, dance-worthy, and highly recommended.” –

“Think Ratatat minus the brash, cock-rock affectations and you�ll have an idea of how Portland artist Marius Libman, better known as Copy, sounds. Hip-hop DNA is strewn throughout the bass lines and twitchy beats of this catchy electrohouse.” – urb magazine

“Hair Guitar is a keeper. Fans of synth-hop, Justice and M83 should all be digging this.” – remix magazine

“Copy has this knack for creating these electro tracks that appear at first to be simple and lo-fi, but on repeated listens, you hear more and more in them. He has an incredible sense of what makes a great pop melody, and his drum programming is something that shouldn’t be overlooked either.” – music for robots

//////////SQUID LEADER – LIVE//////////

In 2006 Squid Leader won the Seattle/Portland Laptop Battle and won 3rd place at the 2006 National Laptop Battle!
Ryan bird(Squid Leader)can also be found playing electronic drums and beats in the laptop duo Tekgnosis. Local to the Seattle undergroung music scene since 99, but still managing to keep his roots. Originally from California, bird decided to try and bring the sunshine with him to Washington a big challenge, but not for someone named Squid Leader. Bird also works with local Seattle producers numeriklab licensing music to various forms of media entertainment. Armed with a laptop, controllers, v-drums, and the mind of a Squid–the Leader himself has nothing left to do, but dance like crazy Giant Squid!!! Squid Leader is an on call superhero who in his spare time has spent his retirement on expensive studio producers all in the hopes of making a trombone rap album. Down to pennies and a lo-fi demo tape Squid Leader faced nothing but ridicule as he shopped himself through LA, NY, Nashville, and finally the end all be all -Las Vegas. Finally in 1995 he experienced the magic of SF rave culture and decided he would move to Seattle and put all his tentacles into electronic music. Upon arriving in Seattle he realized they really were no more for than 30-40 superheros playing crazy psychedelic music you can dance to– so he decided to reawaken his super powers and unleash them on the city of Seattle in a wave of life saving moments of dance music. ..


//////////JERRY ABSTRACT vs. TRAVIS BARON //////////

//////////KRISTINA CHILDS vs. KRIS MOON//////////

//////////GREG SKIDMORE vs. DJ INTROCUT//////////

//////////FIGHTER X – LIVE//////////

//////////DJ F.I.T.S.//////////

//////////xBen – LIVE////////// MASHUP

//////////BRIAN S vs. MILKPLANT//////////

//////////ELECTROSECT – LIVE!//////////

//////////PANTY CONTROL vs. CTRL_ALT_DLT//////////


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