Punisher – June 6th 09

Many many thanks to the people that helped put two events together and
pull them off.

To Michelle Herrmann aka The Punisher, way to fill in for John Selway
and blow away my expectations and memories of all your previous DJ and
live sets.

If I didn’t appreciate Michelle as a producer/DJ/Promoter/Label head before it has grown exponentially to find out she is a fellow vegetarian of 15 years and an organic gardener trying to find a symbiotic balance of the Urban Techno life we know Detroit provides to the peaceful introspective time that no one would ever think possible in Detroit.

Punisher brought her 5 Korg machines out and ran them through a Pioneer DJM 500. Her set was an hour and half of building and undulating drum beats and pad fills. I get promo’s from Hej and didn’t hear anything I had ever heard from her before.  She said about 80% of the material was written since December when she built a new studio. One thing she dropped in her p.a. and in her DJ set was an upcoming remix for Mingus Rude coming out soon on Moodgadget. It had that melancholic swirly vibe that I love and want more this year! I look forward to everything coming from her and her
label for the next 6 months with a youthful exuberance. A truly unique all analog live p.a. I expected it to be more “minimal” and stark than it was but she used the mixer to mixing between drum beats from one machine into another. Big use of effects and builds to get the crowd at the Baltic Room screaming and sweaty. This was also confirmed as
the 1st p.a. from her in nearly a year!

Her DJ set was a beast of an entirely different breed. She went seamlessly between 2 cd players and 2 turntables which to me is a feet in itself. Much more tech house and versatile than her P.A. and yet
still banging enough to keep Travis happy Michelle’s energy carried over through both events, swaying and fist
pumping until 6:30 am, that’s right after an hour and half live hard ware p.a. (no lap top) she dj’d the after party for 2.5 hours and\ didn’t stop until Brian sadly asked her to stop.

It was priceless to me that a wedding party which initially didn’t want to pay to get in, paid and left totally sweat covered thanking me for the night!

Obviously my partner in Techno crime Travis Baron, who allowed me to book a “friend” to fill in for the John Selway last minute change of plans. I know many of you want us to get more mainstream & big artists Or go
totally hard underground but after we bring Robert Armani & the Advent vs Industrializer we are going to do our best to keep breaking the best new avant garde electronic acts that the US has to offer in
Seattle.  We want to bring things to Seattle that have never been here before.
Travis set with Kristina was off the hook and one if not THE most seamless I have ever heard. Watching them go 3 for 3 was a pleasure as they both rose to the occasion. Not all super hard and bang but still some seriously deep
techno beats!

Trench aka Steven Smith.
Killed it on the flier design as usual and was a huge help in setting up for the night. Trench also sent images to Looptid that looked freaking amazing on the big screen and TV’s at the Baltic.
If that wasn’t enough he helped make the idea in my head for my Detroit flier come to life. I was told by Sam and Jeff (owner and manager of Ghostly International) that is was hands down the best designed and created flier of DEMF weekend.

Looptid is one of the areas best visual artistS and is an absolute pleasure to work with. What he put together for us was absolutely jaw dropping.

Kristina Childs is a freaking bomb DJ, obviously, since she has won 2 BOTMM. She brought a harder edgier style on Sat night but still had some unique electro-esqe beats thrown into the mix to keep the night building and building, thanks so much for working with us again Kristina!

Patrick Haenalt/Electrosect for inviting KnightRiders Inc to carry the party on over to his b-day event at Monkey Loft, thanks a bunch. Patrick’s dedication to the betterment of Seattle’s electronic music
community can’t be questioned. Patrick saw the potential that the LoFi party and Baltic Room events would want to keep partying and offered us a collaboration for the night which was 100% fun! If you didn’t know already between the 2 events 6 artists were represented of which four were female. I hope I don’t hear any more whining on this list
about where the women in Techno & Seattle are for some time as they were in full effect Saturday night!

Corina Lauria the Knightriders den mother and all around duddette. She is the bomb digitty to work with and is single handedly the reason there was a bar at the after party which allowed the night to come out in the black. We love her and she deserves more love than we can give her so if you see her out on the streets or at Seattle U (where she has been rocking a 4.0 grade point average for over a year) tell her thanks for keeping KR in order and for providing you the tasty beverages that she does!

Bill Smith my Brewer genius at Red Hook, the after party wouldn’t have went off as well as it did with out your contributions. When Red Hook wants to be the official beer sponsor of Knight Rider Llc say the

Jessie Tear, Albert Loo, Carrie Elliot & Robin Farrell, you allowed me to get to and from the airport fast and efficiently as well as taking Michelle and I to Mt. Rainer for our first time. Truly unrivaled behind the scenes people that help make nights/days like Saturday go off like they do!

Party people: You are the reason WE/I do this. After all the crappy drama on division in the last week you are the people that keep me living in Seattle instead of taking offers in L.A. & Chicago. There is
so much goodness already here but if we can all work together the possibility for every weekend to be like Decibel festival exits.  Your thank yous and appreciation fuel me to raise the bar at every event I participate, collaborate-in or throw myself. One “group” in particular has shown up in droves to my events in the past year that I have to plug: Z-House! The crew of Kimberly, Jeremy, Jack, Mary & Katie (I KNOW I am leaving people out but I do see you at
everything!) come to party and bring it to another level. Nothing fuels an artist like hard sweaty dancers and chanters and this crew never fails to deliver. The artists we bring feel that vibe and are pushed harder to take their music to new levels. The events of the past 12 months have been successful in part due to your enthusiasm and spirit.

Thanks for the band width,


Presents LIVE and direct from Detroit!

Punisher – Detroit
HEJ, Seismic

Label owner of Seismic & Hej, Michelle Herrmann (Punisher) has been at the forefront of the Detroit
techno scene for over ten years. Her label Hej has been blowing up overseas and has had her on the
road to the UK, Germany, France & Japan already this year. Punisher will be performing a rare live
integrated hardware P.A. with five Korg machines. She just released a remix on Andy Toth’s People Mover
label and over the next two months has material coming out on Moodgadget, Airdrop, Detroit Underground,
Prosthetic Pressings, and Klientele. If you ask her what she plays she’ll tell you electrified sassy
minimal techno funk.

Kristina Childs vs Travis Baron – Tag Team Set
Krakt, BOTMM, Knightriders
If you don’t know Kristina you should. She is the only 2 time returning champion
of Battle of the Mega Mixes. Well-versed in classic electro to forward thinking
house to banging techno, Kristina knows how to read the crowd and delivers the goods every time.
Knightriders own Travis Baron will join Kristina on stage for a special tag team set!

TRENCH – Dj set
SUBJECT DETROIT, Culture Dispatch
Trench also hails from the D and has released music with Bone, Aron Carl & Dona Black on DJ Bone’s Subject : Detroit.
Trench is the most recent addition to the Knightriders family, not only a preforming resident Dj but also acts as the new Art Director for
Knightriders Inc.

This event kicks off a series of Knightriders events dedicated to bringing the best in Sexy Underground International Techno Talent to the NW

Detroit’s Punisher!
Sat. June 6th
Baltic Room
1207 Pine St
Seattle, WA

More info coming soon!
Check back with us here
and on myspace at



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