Drumcell @ RENEGADE! Db Afterparty 08



Unofficial Decibel Afterparty!


Founder of Droid Recordings and co-founder of Droid Behavior, Drumcell has been one of techno’s greatest allies in Southern California in recent times.

It was not long before he was copping turntables to satisfy his vinyl fetish. By the early age of 14 he was playing in various local bands, and through out the rest of his teenage years, cut his teeth-producing hip hop records, dub and various forms of electronic music on Los Angeles based underground labels.

Associating with the members of Acid Circus to form Droid Behavior as an event production group and record label was the next logical step to raise awareness for techno in the city and to help expose local Artists, established djs, and performers from around the country.

When performing, Drumcell can be seen blurring the lines between a live and a DJ set by utilizing tools such as FX processors , samplers ,drum machines and other devices to weave a thick blend of acidic techno and aggressive but funky minimalist groove to ensure a frenzy amongst his listeners .



Bryan Zentz is quite simply one of the world’s techno greats. First making a mark on the techno/house scene in the mid ninties with releases on Richie Hawtin & John Acquaviva’s Definitive imprint under the guise “Barada”, Bryan has since released and remixed (under a number of aliases) many hundreds of tracks on dozens of seminal techno labels including but not limited too: OM, Bush, Primate, Zync, Intec, Spectral, Soma, Tronic, Net 28, and most recently a remix for From 0-1’s debut release, The Black White Vol. 1. Compulsively modest, funky as hell, and one of the best dj’s you’ll ever see, there is no doubt your ass will have a jiggling problem tonight.



Old time friend and production partner with Bryan Zentz (Masters of Static [Superbra]), Aaron relocated to Seattle from the East Coast several years ago. Producing techno/acid since the nineties Aaron has enjoyed releases off a number of labels including Omegaritam, 3x3x3, and currently From 0-1. Taking a strict approach to production via vintage hardware, Aaron’s tracks have garnered him worldwide recognition and respect from the industry’s highest echelon. Always finding the importance of the comedic interlude while taking his art seriously, Aaron always understands that in the end… “it’s strictly for the ladies”!



Justin Pennell, aka Milkplant is the founder and co-owner of From 0-1, techno label, and artist collective in Seattle WA. A techno dj for nearly a decade and producer for half that time, he relocated from the Midwest in 2004. In the studio he focuses on the merging of “archaic” vintage analog hardware by Arp, Moog, Roland, Avalon, Chandler with cutting edge software, i.e.- Reaktor, Battery, Massive, Absynth, Ableton Live, etc. This esoteric theme of the merging of opposites in an alchemic fashion transcends the bounds of the average flow, yielding a potently groovy result. This is Milkplant’s debut live set.



After having Chris Liberator melt his mind late one August evening about a decade ago, Brian recognized that techno was to be his calling. After nine years of DJing techno in 2006, he relocated to Seattle and began producing music. His DJ sets push for the intense builds and disorientating breaks that are characteristic of techno, while maintaining the all-important element of danceability. The “Sone” moniker was born in 2008 as an outlet for production work, which ranges from ambient and dub to big room techno, the majority of his creations. Brian is also the co-owner of the From 0-1 studio and is the Logistics Manager for the budding label.



Travis Baron has been producing events and banging out hard techno for over a decade. Co-founder of Battle of the Mega Mixes, Service Systems, as well as the Knight Riders music collective, Travis B is a needed fixture of the Seattle electronic music scene for his fat beats as well as for the sick parties and dance nights he throws. The energy radiating from the dance floor always goes up a notch when Travis steps up to the decks; you can feel it vibrating up from the soles of your feet all the way to your brain where it takes up a reverberating residence. Having played alongside techno superfreaks Kevin Saunderson, Neil Landstrom, Cari Lekebusch, and Frankie Bones, Travis Baron knows his shit and will continue to light fires and ignite dance floors in the Seattle techno culture.



Pantycontrol (a.k.a. Jonathan Herrera) moves and shakes the Seattle techno community through his residencies at Deep Wednesdays (Vito’s) and as a From 0-1 artist. Strongly influenced by a childhood spent in a home full of funk, soul, and disco records not to mention a bar, dance floor, and disco ball, pantycontrol was made to lay it down thick and is devoted only to groove, not genre. Originally a connoisseur of house music, pantycontrol has since tread deeply into the world of techno, and you will find the cofounder of the techno production company Sweatbox all over the city spinning dark and slippery tech-house to fluid, almost narcotic techno and everything in between. Ladies, hang on to your panties.



Ctrl_Alt_Dlt is a Seattle based DJ originally hailing from the tame streets of suburban Detroit. Strongly influenced by the sounds coming out of the Motor City Ctrl_Alt_Dlt has taken the genre of techno and made it his own. “I like to find tracks that have the wierdest most abstract noises possible. Exposing people’s minds to sounds and textures they have never heard before is my ultimate goal.” In addition to residencies with the Spy crew, Ctrl_Alt_Dlt is one half of the techno extravaganza known as “mnml_ctrl” and a founding member of Sweatbox, a strictly techno based productions group.



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