Surface Tension – March 12th 2101 @ ReBar – JAX (PDX)

SubSensory Recordings, From 0-1 & Knightriders DJs band together
March 12th @ ReBar for a night of unparalleled Techno cohesion.

Surface Tension


JAK{PDX} SubSensory Recordings

New dj mix by JAK – Reprecussions (Techno/Tech-house) DL MP3 here –> JAK – Repercussions (Winter 2010 DJ Mix)

Milkplant{SEA} From 0-1 & Travis Baron{SEA} Knightriders


JAK {PDX} SubSensory Recordings

Jack Coleman aka JAK has been on the cutting edge of techno and house
music in the NW United States for nearly 13 years. His three-table DJ
sets and eclectic, body rocking song selection — along with his work
as a producer — have earned him a reputation as one of the most
talented and hardest working underground artists in the region. Over
the past decade, JAK has headlined events up and down the West Coast,
as well as throughout Chile in South America. JAK is also the driving
force behind Portland’s premier techno DJ collective and record label,
SubSensory Recordings. Artists featured on the label to date range
from Portland based producers like JAK and LilRoj, to international
talents such as Style of Eye, Gabriel Ben, Alland Byallo and Kube72.
In addition his own releases on SubSensory, JAK’s original tracks and
remixes have been featured on HardPlace Records, *Cutz, Backs/ash
Records, Loopsfreaks Black, Aguenring Records and more to come!


Milkplant {SEA} From 0-1

Milkplant is Justin Pennell of Seattle WA, From 0-1 label founder and
director. In a post 9/11 nation enveloped in senseless fear,
propaganda, and ego driven dogmatics, Justin seeks to use From 0-1 as
a artistic platform to instill a greater sense of purpose and meaning
in an increasingly stagnant and rotting national and world culture.
Employing esoteric concepts and alchemic themes throughout his music,
production techniques, and via the label platform; Justin seeks to
merge the meaningless with the meaningful, the selfish with the
selfless, the positive with the negative, the black with the white,
the human with the machine, the zero with the one- all manifestations
of the great eternal balance. His belief is that when a delicate
balance is struck between dualistic concepts a greater reality
emerges, illuminating a more meaningful direction in life. Digital
culture has both connected and isolated humans simultaneously giving
rise to more confusion and fear than confidence and knowing. He seeks
to use this digital medium to merge these opposites and to strike a
more refined balance, yielding a better understanding of our future
while being keenly aware of our past. From 0-1 is a means to personal
discovery urging the participant on to further understand one’s
relationship with our surrounding environment. Justin seeks to offer
this platform to allow the participant to find within, the great
mystery of existence necessary for all to eventually seek as an
evolutionary milestone for further understanding of the universe and
our ultimate role within.


Travis Baron {SEA} Knightriders

Travis Baron has been producing events and banging out hard techno for
over a decade, much to the delight of the techno-heads who crawl the
streets of Seattle. Co-founder of Battle of the Mega Mixes, Service
Systems, as well as the Knight Riders music collective, Travis B is a
needed fixture of the Seattle electronic music scene for his fat beats
as well as for the sick parties and dance nights he throws. The energy
radiating from the dance floor always goes up a notch when Travis
steps up to the decks; you can feel it vibrating up from the soles of
your feet all the way to your brain where it takes up a reverberating
residence. Having played alongside techno superfreaks The Advent,
Kevin Saunderson, Neil Landstrom, Cari Lekebusch, and Frankie Bones,
Travis Baron knows his shit and will continue to light fires and
ignite dance floors in the Seattle techno culture. – Bio By Shilo

Pre-Sale Tix only $5 price – includes Afterhours!
$7@ the Door before 10:30pm – $10 after –
ReBar Seattle
1114 E Howell
March 12th, 2010
9:30pm – 2:00am 21+

Afterhours at the LOFT

MISS VIXEN – PDX- SubSensory Recordings

John Massey & Travis Baron – From 0-1 – Knightriders

Trench – Subject Detroit – Knightriders – Culture Dispatch

Hi Octane – Russia – Denver – Seattle (Getting the Party Started!)


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