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 MADE the Night

Tuesdays are coming up in the city, along with the summer, and you now have a delicious variety of shows to choose from, just like a cool summer platter of antipasto!
MADE is one of the better choices for your evening; some of the best Techno in Seattle goes down real nice-like with vodka-sodas in the red-soaked lounge which feels like it DEFINITELY has a back room and a back door. Just in case.

The crowd is cut from Grade A Seattle cloth; I adore going out every Tuesday because the kids out are all the real music lovers, the crazed dancers, the night owls who can’t get enough of wandering around the streets, beats, and treats. You know what I mean- the real people


DJ Pete Marriott
“All I know is when I walked in the joint the music hit my soul chased away my problems as the DJ team known as Sweatbox consisting of the duo Ctrl_Alt_Dlt and PantyControl spun some heavy beats back to back. I conversed with both of them and invited them to join our growing family so maybe you’ll be hearing these cats in the near future and I hope so too because they got good ears. I also met and spoke to the event’s promoter and host Travis Baron of Knight Riders Inc, and Travis got a good head on his shoulders but why did he think I was on some next ish? Maybe because I was taking shots of the DJs and my girl and her friends but



Great blog review by Catherine Jade! For MADE! (6/24/08)
Category: Parties and Nightlife

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Misha, Kynd, & Justin Byrnes @ Vito’s (6/24/08)

Photo by Kate

Maybe I’m just getting old, but it takes a LOT for me to go out during the week. There was a time when any night could be a proper start to the weekend (or a way to keep it going), but after taking years off of my life doing this in New York, I’m a lot more selective when it comes to my school-night shenanigans. No, I’m not jaded— it’s just that going out for the sake of going out gets really tired after a while.

But then there are those parties that make me question my hermit-like tendencies and remind me that I should get out more. Last night was definitely one of those parties, when Knight Riders invaded Vito’s for another installment of their new weekly party, Made. It was by far the most dancing I’ve gotten in on a Tuesday night since I moved here!

First off, I need to point out how dope this venue is. An Italian restaurant dating back to the 50’s, this place has an ultra-slick mobster vibe going on (complete with badass Mafioso pictures proudly displayed on the back wall). The décor is unapologetically kitschy yet cozy— vinyl booths hug the side of the main room, the walls and ceiling are painted a thick blood red, and a whirling disco ball breaks up the mood lighting across the funky paintings and mirrors. It’s loud, dark, and the drinks are strong. I’m feeling a new weekly ritual coming on…

I rolled in around 11 and caught the last bit of Misha’s set. Her mix of smooth, mellow tech-house was tastefully programmed and integrated a lot of interesting melodies and sounds. There was an old-school electro feel to her selection, which was laced with metallic percussion and catchy synth lines, and everything melded together really nicely. Oh, and huge bonus points for dropping one of my favorite DJ T. songs, “Lucky Bastard” (Desaster Dub Mix). Towards the end of her set, she started pumping out harder and darker techno, which was a perfect lead-in to the late night beats.

Kynd (From 0-1) took over the decks, starting things off with a lighthearted, playful track (Frank Martinique, “Adriano”) that dramatically switched up the vibe. His set was extremely diverse, mixing up lots of different moods that all meshed together seamlessly. I loved how he built up the tension by taking things in unexpected directions, keeping the dancefloor hyped up and fully engaged. He skillfully shifted gears between deep, chill records (Gaiser, “Withdrawal”), funky, party-time tracks, and more ominous ones, with lots of massive buildups that dropped back into steady, rolling grooves. And no Kynd set would be complete without a taste of his own productions, so it was really nice to hear his creepy, brooding track “My Doom” on a bumpin’ system.

Teaming up with Kynd for a raging tag-team set was Justin Byrnes (Lab-77, From 0-1), who helped close out the night with some heavy techno bangers. And get this— he wasn’t using vinyl, CDs, or a laptop to lay it down. It was all happening from his Pacemaker, a pocket-sized 2-channel device that lets you cue up, crossfade, and loop tracks. You can control the pitch (to ± 100%… damn, have times changed!), EQ, and throw on effects, plus it’s got a generous 120 GB hard drive.

As I stood there, looking at the 2 Serato-equipped laptops in the booth and watching someone throw down beats with a handheld mixing device, I wondered if anyone would’ve thought 10 years ago that DJing would reach such levels of futuristic craziness! What kind of supernatural space age shit will we be using in another 10 years? Hopefully nothing telepathic, because I’m quite fond of those knobs and faders…

Okay, back to the music. Things just kept getting more insane at this point, and everyone was on the dancefloor losing their minds. Kynd and Justin had a great connection with the crowd and it was so infectious to watch them jam out and have fun (remember, kids, it’s not uncool to do that). The room got so hot and sweaty, which made everyone dance even harder.

Kynd kept pulling out dark, driving tracks with a minimal sound but a peak-time energy level, and Justin went toe-to-toe with this, playing some really jackin’ techno. He brought a tight blend of electro and acid elements mixed in with heavily effected percussion and hypnotic synths. Throughout his tracks, I appreciated the beauty of the one-note synth stab melody and how simple yet mentally addictive it is!

There were distinct twists and turns throughout this 2-hour journey, and between all the evil techno were momentary chill-out breaks with long breakdowns to make the crowd want more. Kynd dropped this one track that had this intense ascending pad which keeps getting louder & louder, so you keep thinking it’s going to drop…and it doesn’t…

Okay…maybe this measure…here it comes…no… still waiting!… and repeat for just about the whole track. This built up the excitement and frustration in every person’s psyche, just begging for it to drop. Once it did, it was simply ridiculous. Actually, now that I think of it, I can attribute most of me losing my voice last night to this track.

Justin kept things building up even more with raw, frantic, warehouse beats, huge basslines, and gritty effects. What better way to end the night than a little Plastikman “Spastik” insanity? 32nd-note snare rolls rule!

Needless to say, every person at Made was amped up on the sick techno vibes all night. There was still a crowd that lingered past bar time, and everyone was turning to each other in absolute awe of how out-of-control the party was. I came home with the biggest smile on my face, and decided that it’s about time I came out of hibernation…


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