FRANKIE VEGA – Chicago Techno -w/ Kristina Childs vs Travis Baron & Grindle 12/12

Heads up! The Legendary Chicago Techno DJ, Producer, Party Promoter, and Record Label A&R Maven is coming to Seattle Dec 12th for a very Special engagement for Knightriders!


BIOGRAPHY: Modern Electronics Enthusiast….. Long standing Chicago DJ, Producer, Party Promoter, Record Label A&R and part of Chicago’s leading Apple Specialist team: MacSpecialst. In Chicago Frankie Vega is most known for joining friends in pushing the limits of excitement of nightlife tradition. His event production days began in the early 90’s and were born in the basement of Chicago’s legendary Trax records warehouse. This sparked a series of wild nights that rocked through the 90’s from inside of warehouses, lofts, roller rinks, biker bars, expo centers and other various venues. After a 5 year hiatus Frankie and sharing friends aimed high to further electronic music influence within Chicago’s techno scene through producing the sound reinforced & technically aggressive “In Your System” parties. His connection to dance music began age 15 through his first job at Chicago based record shop Hot Jams. From then to present, Frankie can safely say he has personally sold over a million vinyl records. Mr Vega worked his way into becoming one of America’s most known record pushing sales man. Starting out at Chicago based UC Music, he connected with hundreds of record shops in the states and launched record label Bluleine Records. The Blueline label served as a launch pad for productions by a long list of great techno artists. Blueline put forth first releases by Tim Xavier and vast selling tracks from working folks like Frankie Bones, Woody Mcbride, Glenn Wilson, Dietrich Schoenamann and many others… Vega kept the record push going through the the first half of the Y2K decade from the Chicago Distribution outlet known as Sole. As the digital era has took the lead on music sales, his salesmanship and passion for being an asset to creative professionals is now channeled through his position as apart of Chicago’s leading Apple Specialist team MacSpecaiist. At show time Vega combines the modern edge of lap top use with rooted dj technique – still utilizing turntables to aim, please and work dance floors into a sweaty mess! His works to score big as a crowd favorite with multi style dj sets, blending tracks ranging from Chicago House, minimal, deep techno to acid tracks while offering up handshakes, hugs and smiles. Spare time is spent working up tunes in the studio – offered through his imprints and Tora Tora Tora, Communique, Addon, Kompute Musik and more… – keep year ear pointed in the direction of for further details as well as:,,
Check out FRANKIE VEGA’s new mix

w/ Seattle Techno Killers…

Plasmodium / Knightriders

Kristina Childs – Plasmodium Mix Download MIX
Travis Baron – 2010 Mix Download MIX


Knightriders on sell now for this event.
Only $5 for Pre-Sell
And $10 at the Door

Its a deal at any price but dont sleep on the Pre-sells.
This show is likely to sell out

Tix are available at

Click above or below


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