PYROTECHNICS:: Aug 1st 08 – Techno BBQ!


Lets Go Outside –

Soma Records / Edit Select

Stephen Schieberl has produced electronic music for over a decade, taking the mantra “Let’s Go Outside” as his moniker. Residing in Portland, Oregon where he first released on small local experimental label, Buried In Time, he soon moved onto Bradford-based Midnight Recordings before being picked up by Soma shortly afterwards.{=

His discography includes everything from nearly silent ambient to the most destructive of techno, and all which lies between. Let’s Go Outside’s performances borrow from this immense palette to create a form of techno that defies genre. His weird and filthy techno hits you like a rusty chainsaw in the face… in a good way.
Lets Go Outside mix
Headspace on June 10, 2008‘s_go_outside_-_headspace_june_2008.mp3

m.0 – From 0-1 / Tekgnosis

m.0 is the moniker of composer/producer Maurice Jackson. Throughout the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, m.0 released albums and toured with the bands Nerve Factor and Deathline International for the seminal industrial label COP International. He proceeded to remix and produce several artists on COP’s roster before taking some extended time off to “rediscover” his techno-influenced roots. Somehow, in the process, m.0 landed in Seattle and then collaborated with Ryan Bird to form Tekgnosis (techno, glitch, general madness), and also performs as solo artist whenever the mood hits. As a composer/sound designer, m.0 has worked on a diverse range of projects, from sound design for the Myst video game franchise, to the NCIS TV theme song and many random things in between. After taking 2007 off, m.0 is very excited to be back and dropping new beats to be released this year.



Justin Byrnes –

Lab 77 / From 0-1 DJ SETSJustin Byrnes

If you were to witness Justin Byrnes perform you would hear dizzy psychedelic sound textures over deep, driving techno rhythms. His soundscape consists of layers of nonlinear loops and dub sounds; disassembled snippets of tracks reorganized to create something new. His sound is not overly thick; it is not a cacophony, but rather a rich tapestry of sound. Justin is in his element in a dark, cavernous space, where time seems to stop at 4am, and the listener’s head is spinning with beats.
Justin has been a DJ for over ten years. It wasn’t long before he started using three turntables and experimenting with scratching. In 2004 he started writing and performing his own music, embracing the laptop as his instrument of choice. To further explore DJ’ing, Justin collaborated with Saigon to form Tandem House, a 2×4 DJ project, which has upgraded recently to v2.0, integrating laptops and MIDI controllers in place of vinyl and turntables.…_3-21-2008.mp3

Travis Baron
Knight Riders Inc.

Seattle’s Hard Techno Maven
Co-founder of Knight Riders Inc and Battle of the MegaMixes,
Baron continues to support Seattle’s strong techno culture co-producing
well-received events for Seattle. Producing events and banging out hard techno for
over a decade, Baron has had the honor of playing alongside some of the leading
artists in the techno world. A few of the notable artists include Neil Landstrom,
Cari Lekebusch, Frankie Bones, Kevin Saunderson, Donald Glaude, Alexi Delano and Joel Mull.

For Baron, the best parties “were the ones that were more or less verging on criminal”
Travis has this to say when asked why he plays what he does- “this outlet for electrifying
crowds to sweat drenched dance floor frenzys has been the most satisfying drug i could have ever imagined.”
After a decade of rocking out strictly vinyl techno sets, Travis has
begun a new chapter by turning to the studio and focusing on his own brand of
Dance Floor Bangers soon to drop on Knight Riders Records.

Dr. Mr. M
Knight Riders Inc. / Forthcity

M’Chateau, aka Dr/Mr.M, aka Michito Iwata, is a local destroyerator with an epitome of excellency, a city’s icon to say the least. As member of the Fourthcity collective, he has been a leading force in the local Micro-Rave movement, spearheading parties like the infamous Triple Decker Pioneer Square loft series at 321 3rd Avenue South. Going on 4 years behind the decks, Mr. Iwata’s choice in style is stirred with allegiance for Detroit and Germany and unconditional love for Latin and Brazilian music. His sets will please even the most jaded electro-naut.

Michito is the co-founder of the Knight Riders series, and is the brains behind Fourthcity’s 2008 Eastern European expansionisms. He was voted most likely to change the lives of millions in his sophmore year of high school, and can often be found walking his puppy in Seattle while surrounded by his personal security force, the Capitol Hill Cobras.
“Choose option D, sapphire is coming!”

Knight Riders…mageID=5444855
Ctrl_Alt_Dlt is a Seattle based DJ originally hailing from the tame streets of suburban Detroit. “I went to my first party in 1999 and I have had this insatiable appetite for techno music ever since, I just can’t get enough.” Strongly influenced by the sounds coming out of the Motor City Ctrl_Alt_Dlt has taken the genre of techno and made it his own. His sets are rooted in the minimal sound with an emphasis on the more abstract side of things, while also fully incorporating all elements of techno and tech house creating a set full of highs and lows, never giving away too much at a time. “I like to find tracks that have the wierdest most abstract noises possible. Exposing people’s minds to sounds and textures they have never heard before is my ultimate goal.” In addition to residencies with the Spy and Knight Rider crews Ctrl_Alt_Dlt is one half of the techno extravaganza known as “mnml_ctrl” and a founding member of Sweatbox, a strictly techno based productions group.

Knight Riders

1981, Denver, Colorado. Jonathan Herrera would forever be influenced by his parents’ record collection, raised on a healthy diet of funk, soul and disco music. Also, growing up in a house with a bar, complete with dance floor and discoball. Flash forward, 1996. He attends his first all night dance party only to be completely hooked by the repetitive groove played. It would certainly be the catalyst for a lifelong passion into dance music. Going out every weekend and getting involved with the scene he would not pick up his first record until 2000. Already a connoisseur of house music, Jonathan would spend the next few years honing his skill as a DJ. Buying as many records as he could and taking cues from the local talent that would later become the mighty Beatport download site. Later on, finding a certain complexity and solace in techno only a few years into DJing, he would make a slow yet logical transition into becoming Pantycontrol, a DJ with no concern for genre, only groove. Currently, one can expect a fine mixture of deep, slinky tech house to smooth, almost druggy techno from this up and coming talent. Expect big things from Pantycontrol this year as Sweatbox, his techno promotion company takes off, as well as his current residencies with Seattle’s From 0-1 and Knight Riders flourish.

Uncommon Forms –

Brian S/Sone
From 0-1

Brian’s first foray into music was drumming in various local punk-rock and ska bands growing up in Wisconsin. Consequently, he discovered electronic music, and after having Chris Liberator melt his mind late one August evening he recognized that it was to be his calling. After nine years of DJing techno in 2006, Brian relocated to Seattle and began producing music. His DJ sets push for the intense builds and disorientating breaks that are characteristic of techno, while maintaining the all-important element of danceability. The “Sone” moniker was born in 2008 as an outlet for production work, which ranges from ambient and dub to big room techno, the majority of his creations. Brian is also the co-owner of the From 0-1 studio and is the Logistics Manager for the budding label.

From 0-1

A techno DJ for nearly a decade and a producer of the same for about half that time I relocated to Seattle from Milwaukee WI (home of my native tongue) in September of 2004. Growing up in the Midwest, I found techno to be prolific and ever pervasive. Witnessing events unfold at Drop Bass Parties, Richie Hawtin tear apart warehouses, and DJ Pierre aurally sexualizing the crowd were a few notable instances of greatness that inspired me to conceptualize “From 0-1”. Said “from zero to one”, it is the studio in which I master my productions with Sone/Brian S and other From 0-1 artists, the record label I use to convey my craft, and the promotional outfit designed to highlight my own material and the material of my confidants. As a Seattle based start-up techno label, From 0-1 is constantly on the search for new interesting, weird, minimal, deep, hard, groovy techno/tech house/electro; especially if you are a locally based artist and/or female. We need a better testosterone/estrogen balance From 0-1 has several target releases planned for the next year, if you are interested please send demos to: From 0-1 1758 14th Ave S Seattle WA 98144 The From 0-1 website is under construction but should be up and running soon. (

Knight Riders is proud to showcase some of the pacific NW premier
Producers, DJs, Visual Artists, and Audio reinforcement manufacturers.

Aug 1st 8PM-6AM

///Sound By
yeah…remember that sick ass sound system we had last time?
well its back!

1506 Franklin Ave E, Seattle, WA
(206) 328-4758


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